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(no subject)
Geek Inside
paradigmshifty wrote in metaquotes
first they came for bert and ernie
and i said nothing because i was not a muppet

then they came for tinky winky
and i said nothing because i was not a teletubby

then they came for spongebob and patrick
and i said nothing because i was not an asexual cartoon sea creature

and now i'm just wondering who'll be the next target of the
righteous conservative wrath against imaginary creatures

(from drgaellon)

(Deleted comment)
It's so obvious! Look at how he dresses!

They'll probably target Coop next, the cartoon character in my icon.

And here's some of their future reasons why:

1. Look what he's doing in my icon! To them, there's nothing gayer than that.
2. He hardly ever mentions girls, and when he does it's always an after-thought.
3. He eats Philly Cheesesteaks, which are Phallic Symbols in disguise.
4. He's obviously a "Gay Chub" and flits around the Gay Chub scene. Just look at how much he likes being fat. They'll also say he's a gainer as a result.
5. He's gay cause he always puts his hands on his hips, and he's always doing something with his hands.

These are their reasons, lol! Can anyone think of more?

And, well, it's a wallet, I know, but it looks way too much like he's flagging.

Though if he flags left, what's with the icon saying he's a bottom? "I'm strictly a bottom who never learned 'left' vs 'right' in kinnygarten?"

Lilo and Stitch. (although seriously, Jumba and Pleakly *have* to be a couple.)

Either that or they'll get a flash of nolstaga and go after Pokémon again.

Well, Pleakly is a cross-dresser. And he likes it, too. Do I need to remind anyone of the sequence where he tries the wig on when Jumba isn't looking?

So totally gay.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

ABSOLUTELY TOPS. *lllooovveeesss all over*

Icon love!

That was one of my favorite Charlie scenes so far, up on top with the imaginary PB.

Timon and Pumba, I mean you have cross-dressing, sleeping in the same bed, and they even raised an adopted child together.

But have you watched Dave the Barbarian? Honestly, I expect rainbows to float over his head during the show.

Yeah, but Dave did date the half-evil Melissa Rivers briefly.

"I call this one Mister Hooty!"

Best. Show. Ever.

According to the latest time magazine, they've gone after Velma from Scooby Doo as well.

What? Now being a geek is gay too?

Funny, true and frightening, all at once. No mean achievement.