Kate the Great Danish Peach (miss_katelynne) wrote in metaquotes,
Kate the Great Danish Peach

A Rabbit Hole Entry

From xanath in an extremely humorous entry at her journal:

They're switching the doors to automatic now, which is great, but it's pissing off the doormen something awful. Boy, were they ever bitchy today! "Oooooh, here comes another employee! Well, Ms. Employee, how do YOU feel about having shiny automatic doors? So much better than having sentient beings to open them for you!" I just snapped and said, "Look, guys, I don't care how much trouble you get me into with the troll union, but frankly, we never should have brought you out from under the bridge."

"Racist!" they started screaming.

"Racist?? You've eaten 58 patients since we hired you!"

"They're included in our collective bargaining agreement!"


We would have kept arguing, but at that point the shrubs decided they'd heard enough and started shedding on all of us. Blecch! Nothing like having old, shriveled hibiscus petals dropped on your head.
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