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Metaquoted from fairybear with permission from a locked post:

Recap: I work in an “Ann Frank sized suite” of a cell phone store owned by a big red baby bell. We get all kinds of crazy customers, but most of the time I try to look solemn and understanding of people’s problems. Once in awhile I do get to drop a good line.

Me: We are singing and dancing ourselves away from the Nazi’s Customers.
Him: Apparent dog owner.

Me: Hello and welcome to XXX how can I try to attempt to help you? (They also have me working as greeter apart from my official duties that I “get paid for”.)
Him: My cell phone does not work. *hands over cell phone*
Me: *looks at phone and (non-human) teeth marks all over it* Um… Do you know what might have happened to it?
Him: When I woke up this morning my dog was chewing on it.
Me: Oh. *can’t even turn the phone on* Well, I am sorry sir, but you are most likely looking at buying another phone at full retail price.
Him: What!? *flips out* I thought I had a one year warranty on the phone!
Me: You do sir, but it does not cover this kind of damage.
Him: Just because my dog chewed up the phone… (As opposed to any other dog.)
Me: Yes sir, acts of dog are not covered under your warranty on your cell phone.

In the end I was able to help to help him and it turns out he had insurance on his cell phone and that would cover the damage on his phone.

So to recap: Acts of dog are not covered under your cell phone warranty, but they are covered by cell phone insurance.
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