Tiara (divabat) wrote in metaquotes,

The Most Randomest Entry Ever

_chrysalis_ recently asked for random questions from her friends and made an entry answering them.

The whole list is quotable, but here are some choice ones :

somais_what what do you think ants are thinking while being burned with a magnifying glass?

Contrary to popular beliefs, when being burned with magnifying glasses, ants do not scream in pain. They believe themselves to be in Hawaii, and if you look close enough, you may see them donning swim gear.

keep_fishin Have you ever talked to your refrigerator?

Yes. Yes I have. And I have learned that it is not a very good conversationalist, and is not very much help with science homework.

tearysky If Hally asks Sally if Tally asked Bally if Mally is a virgin, how many possible answers can she recieve?

That all depends on the reliability of Hally, Sally, Tally and Bally, as well as the honesty of Mally. If either Hally, Sally, Tally, or Bally are unreliable, they may mix up the answer, and thusly cause chaos and confusion. However, if Tally knows for a fact Mally is not a virgin, but Mally says she is, then Tally could either tell Sally the truth or lie like Mally. Thusly, Hally's answer all depends on how much of a gossiping bitch Tally is.

wanderingfae Quack?



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