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He has such a way with words...

My brother itburnsitburns, on NYC Transit (his LJ is friends only, but he lets me quote him) - mind you, this was all in different parts of one post:

...The train arrives and I see a wall of jackets and heads. Contemplating giving up, I suddenly turn around and throw myself in, literally squeezing myself into what was a sardine-can of a boxcar of humans/cattle off to the slaughter house. We were so tightly packed in that train car, that not only could I pass out without falling or even moving, but I'm probably now pregnant with a crack-baby. I'm sure there was a layer of rotting children on the floor of the train.

...We had 7 trains backed up behind us. Finally technicians arrived from some other train or station and fixed the problem in 2 minutes. They reopened the doors and in a nanosecond I was on the other side of the car, smashed against the wall like a violent shower-fuck.

...On the train ride home I saw an aesthetically challenged ceteacean couple sitting a few seats away from me. Ages unidentifiable, like parameceum in siberia. I've never been so confused at that point. At first the way the man and woman acted like a mother and son. Then they were acting like a female friend consoling a male friend. Then they became brother and sister. Then they became caretaker and retard. Then they became a kissy kissy slobber couple that made out like they were auditioning for apple-bobbing on each other's faces. God, there should be an attractiveness threshhold for being allowed to do that.

*laugh* I love how he words this stuff...
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