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tamnonlinear and her passport have mislaid each other:

You smile and explain that, according to the nice folks on the big metal air bird you have just exited, you have left your passport behind you, unloved and abandoned, but that it will be following behind you Real Soon Now and you have been assured that someone with a greater sense of responsibility than yourself (meaning: pretty much anyone) is sending it to an official location set aside for such events and in the meantime is regularly patting it and telling it that it is a good passport and none of this is its fault.

They will look at you and evaluate the level of threat you represent. If you are like me and clearly represent about as much of a threat as a soggy paper sack wrapped round a large wet noodle and concealing a shy and retiring elderly newt (with arthritic knees, assuming newts have knees), they might just let you into the country anyway.

More of the saga to be found here
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