Irony (ironychan) wrote in metaquotes,

From dragonsinger:

MY idea for the Angel Musical. The teaser would go as follows:

Dramatic VO Guy:
"Next week, the team of Angel Investigations find themselves trapped in the most terrifying dimension in existence -"

::flashes of a bunch of demons in bad polyester suits and disco balls spinning::

Dramatic VO Guy:
" - the demon dimension which gave us - "

Gunn, holding axe, and lookin' pissed off: "Disco's gonna die again, cause I'm gonna KILL IT."

::background music of KC And The Sunshine Band's "That's The Way I Like It"::

Dramatic VO Guy:
"Disco never died - it's instigators merely went home."

Wesley: "I am NOT singing ANY ABBA tunes." ::blinks as several weapons point in his face:: "How does 'Dancing Queen' strike you?"

::different scene::

Angel: "I managed to block the 70s out."
Gunn: "I think they called that 'LSD', man."

Dramatic VO Guy:
"Angel and the others want to do the same. An all new - Angel!"

So... what do you think, sirs?
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