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My first post.

From a MST of the Chick tract "The Death Cookie" by nemo_wistar and tristam.

Not sure if this needs cut, but I'll do so anyway.

[The tract mentions Satan's "control" of the Catholic Church]

tristam: And just for the record, if Satan had control of the Catholic church for about 600 years and that was all the evil he could manage, then he is a punk ass pansy and probably fell out of Heaven by tripping over his own cloven hooves.

Chick Tract: Today, kings, presidents, and dictators fear the power of the Catholic laws.

nemo_wistar: Who, today, fears the influence of the Catholic Church? When was the last time the pope issues the death of someone who refused communion? Granted, this may have happened in the past, but certainly not in modern times.

tristam: I think the UN gets listened to more than the Pope. On the international stage, the Pope is just an old man yelling at the kids to get off his lawn.

I recommend reading the whole thing, and the other Chick Tract MSTs on nemo_wistar's journal, because there is a lot of funny there.

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