Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote in metaquotes,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Death by pastry. Hmm.

yaksha42 wound up sitting in on his roommate's History class.
So anyway, about half way through the lecture, she stops and hands out note cards for a quiz. She really had no idea I was there. Just another student. So I got a note card to put my quiz answer on.

She asked us to write about one of the countries involved in World War I. As much info as we knew. So I decided to write about France. My answer went something like this: France's strategy in World War I was to hurl delicious pastries into the German trenches, allowing them to grow fat and lazy and a rather fast speed. That, coupled with horrible restaurant service, and causing confusion among the Germans by using the word "chips" instead of "french fries", led to a systematic demobilization of the German army.

I wonder what kind of grade I got :D

yaksha42 is a very, very bad boy.
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