DrBear (drbear) wrote in metaquotes,

From  liamstliam

I love LJ

Only LJ could spawn so many memes off of "What I did during 24 hours without LJ."

I have to be impressed with a company that gives you two free weeks for a 24-hour outage.

Of course it happened during the librarians' convention, which means the Library LJs must be hopping right now.

I am glad I was home for only four hours of it, and that </a></b></a>evilnicola had to suffer through all of it.

Random first sentence of an LJ biography . . . . I am a Christian queer leatherman with a sense of humor and some strong opinions. I love the friends of my friends. Actually, that's a third-generation friend and it's all </a></b></a>sonofabish's fault.
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