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Tales of Pizza Valientcy . . . or something.

For those not in the know, Berkeley is a realativly small town just across the bay from San Francisco. Its claim to fame is the fact that its home to UC Berkley, and the Lawerence Livermore Labs, which do a lot of atomic energy research.

However, back in the 60's and 70's, Berkeley was also home to a lot of hippies who earned it the nickname Berzerkeley. Even today, a lot of weirdness (Ask about the Naked Guy of Berkeley sometime) comes up out of there. Which is what you get when you mix Pot and nukes.

Anyways, back in his Bachelor Days, meandean was a pizza delivery boy. In customers_suck, he tells tales of the things he saw. Like this one.

Me: They know I ain't no cop. They think I'm comin' to kill 'em.
BF: Bellowing fool.
PG: Phone Girl.

Me: [on phone] W-C- Pizza, mayihelpyou.
BF: Yeah, I want (pizza order).
Me: Okay, your address?
BF: [gives address... then begins hollering] ...And I want in here in the next fifteen minutes, or it's your ass!!
Me: Oh really?
BF: Goddamn right!
Me: Well sir, there's no way in hell you'll have your order delivered in fifteen minutes, so I guess you fucking starve.
BF: .......
Me: So do you want to pick up your order?
BF: *click*

Me: [to PG] Lemme know if (address) calls in an order for delivery, 'cos I want to make sure I deliver it.
PG: ... Uh, okay...

       Later that night...

PG: Hey, Dean... Somebody from (address) called and started to order for delivery, then they changed it to a pick-up order.
Me: Really... Did they give you any shit over the phone?
PG: No, but it was weird... It was a girl ordering, and I could hear some guy, que más tonto, screaming in the background.  She kept telling the guy to shut up 'cos he was drowning her out; she finally put the phone down and I swear it sounded like she was kicking him, like, really hard, and yelling at him, and then it was quiet.  And she finished her order totally normally.  That was when she changed it from delivery to pick-up.
Me: Holy christ... Have they picked up their order?
PG: Yeah.  It was some normal student-y looking guy, but he was pouring sweat and didn't hardly say anything.  Pinché weird, huh?.
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