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edallia is at it again...

Tidbits from Texas...
SCENE: Fort Worth Stockyards, rodeo championships...

A COWBOY enters the ring, on the back of a bull who does particularly want a cowboy on his back. The bull does his utmost to unseat the cowboy. The cowboy's hat flies off of his head and lands in the dirt.

The cowboy follows. In the process of cowboy/bull separation, the bull steps squarely on the cowboy's foot. The cowboy hops up and down for a few minutes, shakes it off, he's okay. The crows gives him an appreciative cheer. Meanwhile, the bull, on his way the hell out of the ring and back to his feed, steps on the cowboy's hat and stomps it flat.

The cowboy screams in anguish.

edallia also learns of the comfortable practice of peeing on desks (and intends to restrain herself from giving DTP an entirely new meaning  of DeskTop Pee-er)... well read it all here.

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