Fearless O'Toole, Last British Columbian Pirate (kimera) wrote in metaquotes,
Fearless O'Toole, Last British Columbian Pirate

US Army recruiting at Times Square

Homeless man: (to Leaflet man) You got any change?
Leaflet man: Jesus can create change. He can help you to bring about change in yourself.
Army recruiter: (calling out to passing commuters) Would you like to join the United States army? There are 212 ways to be a soldier! (noticing a man handing out advertising flyers nearby) You, sir! Would you like to join the U.S. Army?
Ad man: (loudly) I'd like to, but first I've got to tell everyone about this amazing sale down at --
Army recruiter: Never mind.
Random passerby: Hey, what's all this about joining the Army?
Army recruiter: Are you a Jew for Jesus?
Random passerby: What?
Army recruiter: Sorry. Yes. You can join the U.S. Army just by filling out this simple form. Did you know that there are 212 ways to --
Random passerby: Would I get to fire a gun?
Army recruiter: What? Um, possibly.
Random passerby: Cause I'm good at that.
Army recruiter: Okay. Here's the form I was just --
Random passerby: Especially at point blank range.
Army recruiter: Well, we don't do much of that these days, what with modern weaponry and computer guidance --
Random passerby: Oh. Well, um, then never mind. (walks away)
Army recruiter: (to the other army recruiters) This isn't getting us anywhere. Let's go.
Leaflet man: Are you frustrated? Jesus can help.
Army recruiter: Oh, shut up.

~ argumentplease in masstransit. Go see the whole post, tis funny.
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