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Found here and made by slayer877.

Anyway onto a very important and sereius matter.

I want to bring the fact that we are dangerously unprepeared for zombie outbreak to the attention of my local and international friends.

We must organise before they rise!

Ask yourself honestly! If there were to be a zombie outbreak tomorrow, would you know what to do?

If the anwser is yes, then please post your plans as a comment for evalutation. If the anwser is no then this is for you!

In order to survive even the smallest outbreak we must be ready! Remember ignorance is the undead's strongest ally, knowledge their deadliest weapon. We must form a group and start planning before the outbreak happens not after! I ask you to join up for the West Yorkshire Zombie Survival Group! (sign up in the comments! get a free hat!)

A besiege you! (before the zombies do) Another Zombie outbreak could happen at anytime, the country is not prepeared for it this time. If it gains momment and becomes a class 3 outbreak we will all be doomed!

Please sign up today! And survive tomorrow!
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