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Everyone loves zombies! :D

It occurs to me that there are no less than 3 posts involving zombies on the front page of this community. This gives me an urge to de-lurk myself and continue this trend by quoting an old entry of unimpressive's which is also related to those wacky undead with a taste for brains. :D

I lost a bit of sleep last night to a Resident Evil-inspired nightmare. This is interesting, as the game didn't scare me nearly as much as it annoyed me. I'd understand if my nightmare involved a strict, arbitrary inventory limit, but I guess nearly getting mauled by the evil dead isn't very pleasant, either.

Though I suppose it's funnier if you've played the game... *shrug* So, in case you think that's lame, I'll give you this one (from the same person) too, on his baccalaureate:

I would like to know why it is that when I hear the minister pray, "May God give you superhuman strength," my mind immediately inserts, "and X-ray vision."

Well, I found them amusing, anyway. Okay, so I'm a dork. *slinks away*
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