Nora Bombay (norabombay) wrote in metaquotes,
Nora Bombay

Overkill? Nah..

From ajhalluk

A lead news story in the Mail was that apparently Prince William, second in line to the throne of this rapidly decaying land, while on holiday in Kenya has stalked and killed a fourteen inches tall antelope called a dik-dik using traditional Masai hunting methods.

Ignoring the Pythonesque overkill inherent in attacking something approximately the size of a Jack Russell with a seven foot spear, to say nothing of the whole Freudian aspect of the thing, my favorite part of the story was the explanation that Prince William had honed his hunting skills by creeping up on trees.

Holy batshit, but whatever one thinks about the Royal Family, breeding for brains is clearly not what they've been doing over the last few hundred years.
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