the wandering valence electron (lemoncakes) wrote in metaquotes,
the wandering valence electron

Macho Macho Man

notuslethe, in response to a surprising analysis of masculinity and bravado:

Well, when we all stood in line for God-Given Gifts (or TripleG for short), Nelly did not stand in the correct line. He, mistakenly, thought the "I'm-Handsome-In-An-Almost-Pretty-Way-But-Still-Manly" line was the "If-You-Want-To-Be-A-Rapper-Here's-The-Sekkrit-Tricks-You-Need-To-Prevent-Being-Beaten-Into-A-Pulp-(Warning:-May-Include-Fucked-Up-Childhood)." When he'd realized his mistake, he was next, after Eric Bana, and he saw that Chingy (who had slept in and hadn't gotten to "Slight-Talent-Needed-For-Rap-Stardom" after the first three had sold out) was in back of the line. Might as well stay here, he thought.

Thus, Nelly had to buy the tricks second hand off Tupac, who made Nelly promise to get his posthumous CDs on the top of the Billboard.
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