Fangirl Says (fangirlsays) wrote in metaquotes,
Fangirl Says

Last night I had the strangest dream....

berreh had a Nyquil-induced dream about being in a band with Dominic Monaghan last night:

The conversation went something like this:

Me: Oh Dom! You must come back and finish the show!
Dom: I cannot! For I am angsty and want to be alone. *looks off into distance*
Me: Woe and angst! I will put my hand on your shoulder to console you with the power of my loff!
Dom: I am unable to communicate, because in this dream I am a mix of Angel and Jordan Catalano, only hotter.
Me: Alright, power of my loff is no good, how about the power of my breasts?
Dom: ....OK.
*grope, slurp, make out*

Entire post is HERE; go read.

Edited to fix link. *facepalm*
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