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This HAS to be a hoax. I mean it absolutely HAS to be, I am just not convinced. It is WAAY too fake. I don't mean the pictures, they look just fine. But there is no way humans could continue to survive on this planet if they were truly as stupid as the people quoted in the articles. They have photos of what are obviously supposed to be Pterydactals and Plesiasaurs and then have the people saying "Well, we found this long-necked turtle." and "This sparrow had funny pointed wings, but it could fly all right, so I thought nothing of it." I mean, the average four-year old can recognize a damn Plesiasaur!

"We saw this funny lizard out by the barn. It came outta a smoulderin' hole in the ground and set our crops on fire with it's breath. Then it ate my son Jethro, and two of our cows. It was a talkin' lizard, too. The lizard said it had 'ass-ended upon us with the wraith of the ages, to devour the souls of us and our kin.' I thought it was kinda wierd, but Ma said we get geckos in the fields sometimes, so I didn't put much thought into it."

-shadowcircus, discussing this post in cryptozoology.
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