I Dream of the Silk That Is Tangled Inside You (vaspider) wrote in metaquotes,
I Dream of the Silk That Is Tangled Inside You

As always, sclerotic_rings makes me howl with laughter..

... which is not so good, when reading from work.

Unfortunately, the bank that issued your credit card didn't bother to explain that a card can be declined other than because you don't have enough money in the account. Screaming at me "This card has over a million dollars on it!" when your bank's verification system is down does absolutely no good, and it just makes me assume that your penis is so small that you masturbate by cutting public hairs until you find the one that bleeds. And if your bank's computer is down, why do you think that yelling at me will accomplish anything other than my wishing that your children crawl up your ass and devour you from the inside?

From this post in customers_suck.
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