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My first metaquote, courtesy of sharinganuser69 in this entry:

"me: thank you for calling EB Games...(insert cheesy phone intro here)
her: you have any game boxes?
me: game boxes?
her: yes.
me: sure...we have lots of those.
her: really? how much?
me: i can give you as many as you need. they're free.
her: you're kidding! they're $150 everywhere else...
me: mean XBoxes?!
her: uh...I that what they're called?
me: yes...and those are $150...i thought you meant just plain boxes the games go in.
her: do you have any?
me: no.
her: oh...*click*

I totally knew what she meant the entire time, but it was fun to play."

Customer service calls are great. :D
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