lil miss riss (spherissa) wrote in metaquotes,
lil miss riss

(My first metaquote... there goes yet another virginity of mine)

It's really not a funny situation but, ryttu3k on the Media Coverage of the Toll

This feels like an auction.
An utterly macarbe auction where newspapers vie to report the biggest death toll.
"Do I hear sixteen thousand? Sixteen thou- is that seventeen thousand five hundred? Nineteen thousand! Nineteen thousand going once - twenty-THREE thousand! Do I hear twenty-five thousand? Do I hear twenty-six thousand? Thirty thousand to the incompetent paper over there! Thirty th- Do I hear thirty-six thousand from Reuters? Thirty-six thousand, nine hundred and twenty-four from Reuters itself! Ah! Do I hear just under forty thousand? And Reuters itself HAS forty-thousand! Sold! Forty thousand deaths SOLD to Reuters, with a view to rise!"

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