Friday Nation (besideserato) wrote in metaquotes,
Friday Nation

If Dostoevsky & Turgenev had LJs

Let's assume that they use curly brackets instead of angled to markup text.

{lj user="turgenev"} needs a telescope to see what he's writing about! LOL! Here's a poll, how much does Germany suck? 1 2 3 4

Holy crap I'm depressed.

I'm posting a webtest today, what kind of Slavophile are you? Here's what I got, OMG, it's so accurate!

"You are an: Occidentalist. Serfdom is wrong and degrading, and we must learn new systems from Europe. Although you are very pragmatic as regards the aristocracy, you probably have a secret fascination with the upper classes. You probably know French and German and are a big hit with the ladies!"

Also, yesterday I invented the word nihilist. I feel you were all rather mean about my book Fathers and Sons, so I'm considering deleting my journal nyah then you will all be sorry maybe I'll start a deadjournal or something. {lj user="Flaubert"} was supposed to post something last week but he's still revising his update on stylistic grounds.

by paracelsus. Read the comment.
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