No One You Know (kauainightdrive) wrote in metaquotes,
No One You Know

Boys who Knit and Girls who want Them

It all started with my post here About a guy I have a crush on.

I followed it with this one.

And all funniness breaks loose when eatmypatriot says:
As acting resident knitting homo, I object to this trend.

I mean, how I am going to tell if someone's gay now? First they took over our hair products, and now knitting? What's next, straight men listening to Cher?

Ha. No, I think it's quite great. Spread the joy of knitting. It's like crabs, but it's a bit more fun and has less scratching involved.

and then later, leslieannlevine makes another post under the "boys who knit" category here , to which bohemeg says:

I don't see why men shouldn't like knitting... it makes their wrists stronger!


Okay. I'm sorry. I had to. Somewhere inside me there is a perverted little fifth-grader who still giggles when someone says penis.
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