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first time poster.. this was to odd to let go

in reply to this in my own lj:

i am proving to be much more anal and stressful in regards to cleaning and unpacking than my roomate is, i admire her for being able to sit and take it easy.

caprinus saw it tasteful to reply this:

That's three months of sitting in the living room watching CSI or hiding in her own, quite orderly room, cybering on IRC, while studiously ignoring my all-encompassing failure as a house-keeper -- a mess of such epic proportions that to even acknowledge its existence would have surely taken her sanity, sort of like admitting there really IS a monster in your closet and discovering not only is it a monster, it's an unholy union of a ghostly gelatinous Cthulhurhinoceros covered in fimbriated leeches slowly, suckingly digesting a still-living, writhing and silently screaming mime, whose joined-at-the-testicles Siamese twin is a clown and has just died from 3-rd degree bacon grease fire burns; and all this while Celine Dion sings "God bless us everyone" from under the bed.

and yes, i really do listen to Celine Dion during the holidays. that is all.

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