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I've always been of the impression that my life is a movie, but the wrong movie. I'd like it to be, perhaps, Die Another Day, where, if bad things are going to happen to me like getting tortured by North Koreans, I'll at least get to have sex with a series of women and blow up half of Iceland and Korea.

Instead, it's the kind of movie where, while I'm having a conversation with a customer service representative, I lose a cell phone in the toilet. There's the telltale "gloonk!" as the phone hits the water, and the screen brightens up ironically as it sinks straight down.

Well, I did save it, and it does still work, although it's having a little time drying out without its battery before I use it again. I thought it was totally fine since I managed to finish the conversation, so I just scrubbed it off with a Clorox antibacterial wipe, but it started giving me bizarre errors, so it's having a little rest.

I guess it could have been worse. In the movie, it likely would have blown up the toilet.

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