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Customer Concerns

darkrosetiger in this note to homophobic customers and quinnclub in reply:

darkrosetiger: If you're afraid that your nephew will think you're gay if you have his CD gift-wrapped, then maybe you might want to consider sending him something other than a Josh Groban album. Just sayin'.

quinnclub: Yeah, I had the same concerns about the Village People album (the one that came with the butt plug), but as long as I didn't put a bow on it I figured it was fine.

Take a deep breath, and try not to say, "I'm sure it will be fine, as long as the wrapping paper isn't pink or shiny, you nutcase. Alternately, you could try not rubbing some lube on the CD and shoving it up your ass. Cuz that would definitely be gay. And painful."

I <3 customer service.
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