Supreme Dictator of Hyperbole (treelines) wrote in metaquotes,
Supreme Dictator of Hyperbole

From samenashi's anonymous meme...

  • I am trying to drive you out of the fandom.
    --I knew it!
    --Yay! A chauffeur!

  • Dear person: You look like a bird. A cute bird, but still. :|

  • PS: Why are you all fucking LIBERALS?
    --Because liberals put out.
    --Because we're all under 25
    ----Good point
    ----You'll grow out of that.

  • ...tell it to people who care. You don't go into a cannibal tribe trying to promote vegetarianism without turning into dinner.

  • I think it's really hilarious that someone called the Secret Service on anniesj.
    --how would you go about calling the secret service in the first place?
    ---It's a secret.

  • Cheese.


    And that's not even the best of it, really. There's much, much more...
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