G (grrangela) wrote in metaquotes,

chutneeamerica on in-fighting:

"You know, the progressive movement is really being held back by the weight of all these disparate groups... y'know... showing up to support each other... and whatnot.

"So I'd like to propose that we break into several hundred self-important, exclusive, mutually-disdainful masturbatory organizations, each with a different utterly-meaningless title that serves to alienate non-members and insult the intelligence of the unaffiliated. Only one group will get to retain the title of progressive.

"Okay, who wants to be known from now on as 'Snotty, Self-Righteous, Irrelevant Liberals Wrapped Up In Intellectual Name-Games While Conservatives Take Over The World And Run It Into The Ground'?"

Don't everybody speak up at once!
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