Educatrix (juliadactyl) wrote in metaquotes,

The true meaning of Christmas...

puddlesofun really likes spending Christmas with his family:

I'm spending Christmas with my family. I like that I do this every year. I like it so much, that if Kate Winslett were to say "hey, howsabout having sex with me on Christmas day?" I'd say "No, I have a girlfriend, but even if I didn't, I spend Christmas day with my family each and every year. Also, you were more attractive before you lost all that weight and went blonde."
Even if the Dresden Dolls came up to me and said "hey, we think that you're the coolest person we've ever met, would you like to come hang out and jam with us on Christmas day?" I would say "No thank you. I am spending that day with my family. And anyway, I would feel like a third wheel jamming with you two. Or possibly a fifth wheel, if the metaphorical vehicle were four wheeled to start and not a bike. Damn. You'd think, that for some figure of speech to claw it's way up to becoming a cliche, it would have to be popular, and hence pretty good, or at least simple and easy to use. But no. Sorry, I can't do it.
Brian Viglione and Amanda Palmer (speaking in unison): "That is okay. We have decided that you are not that cool after all." (they walk away arm in arm).
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