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sillypants shares her unique views on international politics.

At dinner with mal we decided it would have been cool if Kerry had won the US elections, because, seeing as he plays bass, he could have started a band with Tony Blair. If Mark Latham had become prime minister he could have been the drummer (Miriam suggested later that he would have worn his tie has a headband). Gerhard Schroeder could have been the keyboardist, and Jacques Chirac and Silvio Berlusconi could have fought over who got to be the lead singer. Their support band could have been Putin and the Putinauts, which would have been the entire Duma fighting over what instruments they got to play and trashing the stage, while Putin stood at the back looking really shat off."

From this entry, which is also doubleplusgood for mentioning that I stayed in a hotel in Sussex Gardens which was painted the most lurid blue and green imaginable. It looked like Andy Warhol ate a bad quiche and then vomitted.
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