And The Clocks Were Striking Thirteen (_redpanda_) wrote in metaquotes,
And The Clocks Were Striking Thirteen

Mixed bag

davidazus: [To someone with a "Pomeranian of Doom" icon] That's a very macho attack cat sleeping on my shoulders. He says your "Pomeranian of Doom" is a doomed Pomeranian. Not for anything you say, it's just that he's got this thing about dogs with more volume and less weight than he.

jess_d_ripper:I have a theory that the more time you spend in pet communities, the surlier you become. It's a degenerative condition. [Practical Pet Care] has some of the most brain-meltingly dumb pet owners around. I mean dumb like "My dog has been bleeding from every orifice for two weeks, what should I do," "can i breed my cat and geaineaa pig, i want kitty pigs. lollorzorzz," or "do u have a home remedy for death?" Really dumb.
Of course, that's no excuse for wanking, but it might be an explanation. I'm afraid it's a short path from "Here's some helpful advice" to "Never own pets again! I will cut you!"

moonjaguar: Kittypigs! Actually what I really want are finchy pigs. Little flying guinea pigs that shit on your head? Er, no I don't.

cpip (here): I'm sure Red Skull will like the Chia Pet. Only a heartless Nazi couldn't love...
Oh, damn.
Did you send along a gift receipt, Lord Doom?


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