Chris (randomchris) wrote in metaquotes,

From nerdanelthenerd, on molten_emma's journal:

I haven't done my Christmas shopping yet, can't be bothered...I mean, so much hassle: you have to get dressed, go out of the house, get to some shops, go into the shops, inspect the merchandise, make about one thousand different value judgements at more or less the same time (think what this does to your nervous system), buy stuff, pay for it, either get embarrassed with your switch card or drop the change everywhere, carry all the stuff home, take it out of the bags, wrap it properly, write gift tags, wait around for a bit, give the stuff to the recipients, watch them pretend to like it, keep smiling, then put all the wrapping paper in the bin. Then you have to go out in the cold to put the buckets out, and only then can you relax and not think about Christmas presents. I mean, you might as well go up to people and ask them to look disappointed for a second: same outcome, less bother.

'Tis the season to be cynical.

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