Herman the Jazzmahn (jazzmahn) wrote in metaquotes,
Herman the Jazzmahn

Spied whilst making a call to the Waaaaaaaaaaaambulance

sullen points out the obvious, in response to this post in cooking where someone complains that people are picking on her for being a vegetarian that eats poultry. All this while asking for suggestions on how to stretch her chick-fil-waaaah diet with a side order of french cries, or something.

Just to clarify, in the new, more open minded internet, if you disagree, you're rude. The only way to be nice if you see something incorrect is to either remain silent (and thereby condone it) or agree, never forgetting to add a note of consolation for the poor original poster having to deal with all those mean haters who had the unmitigated gall to point out the obvious.

Much <3's to lacto-ovo-pesco-bova-avia-vegetarians.

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