Erin Hoffman (zhai) wrote in metaquotes,
Erin Hoffman

"But you've never been schitzophrenic.. unless you've done acid and talked to the shadows,"

Hi all. I've read this community but only just joined, mostly for the purpose of relaying this...

"You supply the meaning to my mean-ness..." by hrynewich on real_philosophy :

You should probably just read the whole post, since it's difficult to decide which quotes to pull. Here are a few, though:

The same sick twisted logic that generated the idea that ET's are here, from venus, because venus got too close to the sun. The same logic that can see the light in the eyes of the cracken, because they can see the light in each other's eyes.


I AM an unmedicated schitzophrenic.. I can't stop growing.. so I guess that makes me a cancer. Ahh but we're told that growing too big gets us killed.. so KILL ME. KILL MY EGO< YOU FUCKING EGOTIST>> StOP BEING MAD AT ME FOR RANTING an start being mad at yourself for letting yourself get suckered in so that you could prove how right you are by proving how wrong I am.

But you've never been schitzophrenic.. unless you've done acid and talked to the shadows, aware that the shadows are NOT hallucinations, but you're lucid and waking dream.


william SANDerson hrynewich (smith only different... word) + J.K. Rowling and R.U. Sirius =
well i am SWANson wordWItCH

William Sanderson Hrynewich = wordsmith = R.U. Sirius (black magic words) = runemal = i supply the meaning to you.. i'm the one who told you what to think...
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