willows_weep (willows_weep) wrote in metaquotes,

ah my first quote thing.

Was checking out my friends page when I saw this and laughed because...its so true.
And the attitude of the post is hot sooooo...

"so i think it's funny how a lot of people have the "marriage is love" and whatnot banner things in their profile, and i don't even have one and i'm a dyke for christ's sake.

but that's not the issue.

i've also noticed that not everyone that has one is gay.
so i just wanna know who i can hit on and who will be meeting me in the VIP room later tonight.

(author's note: the VIP room is my bedroom.)"
~ quoted from: tuesday_moon in hippies4u

It gets funnier with my reply requesting permission for quoting, and then moons reply to that.
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