Tiara (divabat) wrote in metaquotes,

dahchi, in a Flocked post:

I don't really understand those christmas songs where they go on about having beautiful, romantic kisses out in the snow. As someone who lives in -20 degree weather I can categorically state that your face is so bloody numb the whole affair would be like making out with something chilly and vaguely seafood-esque. Or if it was cold enough you could like, just stick together. Nothing spells romance like ripping off three layers of lip skin as you pull apart, no boy. And all of this happens, of course, only if you manage to unfold yourself from the self-heated huddle you've made inside your ski jacket in order to
think of something more romantic than "oh sweet jesus, I can't feel my FEET."

Stick a hot tub somewhere in the lyrical equation and I might consider the possibility more seriously. A christmas hot tub is a thought I can get behind, honestly.
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