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reiltin on the subject of ER fic summaries on

Type 4: The 'No Problem! I summarize anyway' type of summary

This is without doubt the most honest genre of summary around; in which conciseness is not only the key in the summary, but also the story as well.

This conciseness encompasses all aspects – chapter length, character development but in particular vocabulary. Full-length words are prohibited, and while this consistency may be evident between the summary and the story, overall consistency is not a key feature. Words can have multiple abbreviations – liek/lyk/lik or summarez/sumriez/sumrees.

'u', 'omg', 'c', 'r', 'plz' are commonplace. One particular feature may be the existence of 'Crater', 'Luccccccccca', 'Wefer' or 'Cheng' in the summary. If the writer is feeling particularly adventurous Dr. Melicuthci should be revived for obvious effect.

Liek omg dis is DA BEST Craby story. Crater luvs Abi 4EVA!


(Locked post, I got permission, you know the drill.)
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