rare, precious and gone (gleefulfreak) wrote in metaquotes,
rare, precious and gone

On recruiting the dead in Return of the King

tytaniaherself said this:

While I'm thinking about excruciating Jackson additions to the plot, what was up with the dead guys being so testy? I read the books every year and I could swear that the scene with the men in the mountains goes like this:

ARAGORN: Come out and help me kick ass.

THE DEAD: Who the Goddamn Hell are you?

ARAGORN: Observe my sword of coolness! Follow me and I'll let you out of this living dead gig.

THE DEAD: Okay let's go, then.

In the extended ROTK, the dead are not nearly so sensible, oh no. The dead are bitchy pains in the ass who have to blow up their own stupid mountain, before coming back to say that by the way, they're up for the whole redemption thing. Also, that whole thing with the corsair ships turning up early on spoils the cool dramatic moment when the ships arrive at the battle full of dead guys rather than pirates. I love the dead guys, but really now.

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