this one laughing quietly underneath my breath (stoicsweetmint) wrote in metaquotes,
this one laughing quietly underneath my breath

slash + the daily show = ?

from thedailyshow, a thread of comments from this post

pggmilltn: I am confused. I thought slash meant slasher horror fan fic
masucci: Well, I can only assume that slash involving our pals Tucker and Carville would be horrific. But no, slash means male homoeroticism. Neat, huh?
pggmilltn: What is female homoeroticism then, burn?
Slash and burn, return, listen to yourself churn...
masucci: Well, female homoeroticism is so common that I suppose it can just be called "eroticism". But burn works too.
masucci: How does the rest go, anyway? Locking in, uniforming, book-burning, blood-letting...
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