Not Actually Jenny (jennyanydots21) wrote in metaquotes,
Not Actually Jenny

coocooctulhu helps out a Suethor with writer's block on pottersues.

Damnit, no Sum 41 chapter, and this thing hasn't updated for months. I'm writing my own.

Hermione whent to Max's house four days before xmas. "Hey gal come on in" said Max when she opened the door. Hermione and Max were both wearing red plaid short skirts and fishnet stockings and studded collars and armbands and awesome t-shirts with ties. Hermione's shirt said "Your hair is stupid and so are you" and Max's said "Anorexia is Phat" (A/N I want these t-shirts sooooo mcuh lololol). They rocked out to rocking music for a while and exchanged gifts of new ties and Good Charlotte DVDs and prep-kicking boots. Then they dyed each others hair into new shades of purple and red and blue-black tips with white streaks. They were both in their underwear when the DOORBELL RANG!!!
Sum 41 were at the door! And they brought their instruments! And then Harry and Ron came in behind them and sulked in a corner because they are LAME and CONFORMISTS and couldn't handle everyone else's superior INDIVIDUALITY. Then Draco showed up and he and some other guys started fighting over who got to make out with Hermione and Harry wanted to make out with Max and but he's a fascist, nobody likes him. He doesn't even know who the Ramones are lololol.
Then Avril Lavinigne showed up and complemented Max and Heemrione on their outfits. and Hermione took a microphone and sang "HOOOOOOOOLD OOOOON IF YOU FEEEEEL LIKE LETTING GOOOOOO" and smashed a couple of mirrors because mirrors represent the communist beauty magazines. Then Avril took off her shirt and they set the chrismat tree on fire because of the turkey blowing up...

I can't do it anymore.
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