And The Clocks Were Striking Thirteen (_redpanda_) wrote in metaquotes,
And The Clocks Were Striking Thirteen

Dude. It's TRUE. o.O

Randomly, I have had this theory for a while that for fangirl/slashers, the pointless crossover PWP serves the same purpose as the pointless crossover team-up does for comic book fanboys. You guys know how it goes-- nobody ever meets and is like, "Hey, how's it going." "Fine, and you?" "Can't complain." No, they always have to fight. ALWAYS.

Sometimes it's because they mistake each other for the bad guys, sometimes the real bad guys are *forcing* them to fight each other, sometimes one set of good guys is undercover, sometimes it's amnesia or brainwashing, and a *lot* of the time it's just for *no good reason at all*. Why are they fighting? Well, um, uh, for no plot related reason, but BECAUSE THE FANBOYS WANT THEM TO and the writers know it. Hell, because the *writers* want to know *who would kick whose ass* if Wonder Woman fought Storm. Really, does it make *sense* that Wonder Woman and Storm would ever fight? It really doesn't! They'd be far more likely to be friends and have interesting conversations over a latte and scone. Which is why it always needs to be giant cosmic alien plot devices appearing and saying, "Look, we'll destroy the universe unless you guys fight to the death." (Yes, that actually happened. Yes, Wonder Woman and Storm had to fight. No, actually, Storm won. I know, I know. As Te would say: shyeah.)

-- liviapenn (full amusing/interesting post here)

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