Plenty O'Toole (plasticfucktard) wrote in metaquotes,
Plenty O'Toole

coocoocthulhu was musing about Harry Potter couplings in this post and came up with an excellent theory: Harry Potter as Friends.

...Tom Selleck will make a series of guest appearances as Professor Snape, whom Hermione dates for quite some time. Cho Chang is the lovely Janice, whose constant wailing and sobbing irritate the group to no end. Pansy Parkinson is Neville's snobby ex-wife! Parvati and Lavender are raising a son together! Ron!... does stuff! And so on and so forth.

The whole entry is priceless. Go read it! It could possibly be considered spoiler-ish, as she discusses events from Friends and the pairing theory JKR recently shot down, so if you want to stay out of the loop, don't read it.

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