I cared not for consequences but wrote (elorie) wrote in metaquotes,
I cared not for consequences but wrote

How was YOUR day at work?

lupaloo tells about her day at her new dog-grooming job:

Note to Pet Owners:

"If your very large German Shepherd has had projectile diarrhea, it might be a good idea to wait until you know he's better before taking him to the groomer. Or at the very least, please warn the poor groomer that this might happen.

Other adventures today included a large Golden Retriever mix, a shih tzu who could not be stressed AT ALL due to an old neck injury that causes black outs if he whips his head around suddenly. This little fluff ball also could not stand on his own and had to be supported while groomed. Rolly polly little ball of fluff with jello legs and zero stress tolerance. This was fun. Last pup of the day was a Basset hound with ghetto nails. You know, like the kind the cashier at Eckards uses to punch keys on the register from a half a foot away. It was her first grooming experience and she wanted a hug. While sopping wet. Trust me, you haven't lived until you've been tackle hugged by a 50 lb, 1 foot tall dog. Who is sopping wet. That bears repeating."
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