Papillon Cosmos (princesskraehe) wrote in metaquotes,
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Death can be funny!

Further musing upon death apparel has led me to conclude: if, for some reason, I am neither cremated nor buried at sea, plug me in the ground wearing completely inappropriate super ultra formal clothing; old skool Queen of England. Opera masquerade ballgown from a theatrical costumer!...way used and slightly worn around the edges. Feathers, outlandish as possible. Tiara, gloves, and overdone Gawth makeup. Because *that* is amusing and ironic. And don't forget the coins for the ferryman. And I still want the tombstone to read "I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay."

Oh! Oh, and in several years, be all "Gasp! I suspect she was murdered," or something, and give the authorities some reason to exhume me. But don't warn them about the get-up. And they'll be like, "What the motherfuck is THAT all about?!" Because I want to be obnoxious even after I'm dead.


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