Kali (kali921) wrote in metaquotes,

Dear Malevolent Artificial Intelligence.....Marvel fans take note.

Marvel Comics fans will understand:

The always blunt and brilliant b_the_enemy, in response to a certain advice columnist's reply to this question at sages_of_chaos:

If there is ever something you don't want to hear when you write in to ask for real life advice, it's these five words:

"Ultron will field this one."

Things devolve into insanity further down the thread, where the mighty Ultron provokes a crisis of TMI in discussing his child's - the android known as The Vision - sex life with the Scarlet Witch:

Whoa, whoa, whoa. You kinda lost Ultron there. Jesus H. people, parents don't REALLY want to know that much about their offspring's sexuality. I know that I was squicked out when The Vision sent me an email regarding his marital problems with Wanda. I was all, "Um. I've modified your unit for vibration mode. Please don't tell me any more, Love Ultron."
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