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Oh, and self? I don't care how bad your late-night/early-morning boredom gets. Trolling for Mary Sues on just isn't a good idea. Because, just like caffeine, there's only so much of that shit you can take before things start to get unhealthy. And actually, Little Miss "I am Harry's Long-Lost Twin Sister, Voldemort's Daughter, Sirius's Niece, Snape's Adopted Daughter, Dumbledore's Sekrit Lover, Ron's Cousin's Best Friend, the Third Cousin Twice Removed of Blaise Zabini's Great-Aunt's Roomate, the amazing half-human, half-witch, half-veela, half-unicorn, half-vampyre, half-faerie, half-giant squid, half-Guatemalan farm-raised catfish (and yes, that makes me four times as much a being as you are!), straight from America, the one, the only, Mary Selenity Elvira Cymnayaera Serena Mystica Riddle Potter Snape Sue!" is probably far more damaging than a mere LD-50 of caffeine.

~The ever-lovely 10littlebullets

Somebody should totally write a story that includes these characters.

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