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Christmas Rant

From the lovely and talented _sara...

All this Christmas is getting on my nerves. I haven't encountered a lot of Christmas this year, relative to past years, but it always gets on my nerves. The commercialized version of is supposed to celebrate something about love; the forcing down my throat of a Christian holiday that I want nothing to do with; that we are all supposed to love Christmas because it's for everyone now and supposedly secular. It all grates.

I feel like I can't get heard about this, though. Thanks to all of the stories (films, books, etc) about the hard-hearted Scrooge-type who finally sees the magic of Christmas, my objections get laughed off as the first act of some Christmas spirit redemption story, with the final "God Bless Everyone" scene implied before I shut my mouth. I'm not a Scrooge. Scrooge was a misanthrope with intimacy issues. I just don't do Christmas.

What would happen if I started saying "No, thank you." when people wished me a Merry Christmas?

People keep urging me to be accepting and inclusive. Urging an American to be inclusive of Christmas is like urging FM radio to embrace pop music.

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