JessKat (jesskat) wrote in metaquotes,

ignitesthenight: China under Mao is like a banana under a really fat lady.
ignitesthenight: can I write that for the journal entry?
Friend: LOL!!!!!!!
Friend: you so should.
ignitesthenight: I would so fail
Friend: would be funneh. XD'
ignitesthenight: because on top of being not relevant at all, China under Mao was actually a pretty good thing.
Friend: so say it was like an iron banana
Friend: under a moderately weighted person
ignitesthenight: China under Mao was like a banana under a fat lady. A great big iron banana that supported her weight and became a powerful force to be reckoned with when that time of the month came for the fat lady and she was gassy, so she would propel herself around in the pool riding on the banana using her own gas.
Friend: um....................
Friend: may want to leave out the gas part XD

-ignitesthenight and her friend, posted with permission from a friends-only entry (changed their names from AIM nicks)

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