Dreamers of Secrets and White Treason (pope_guilty) wrote in metaquotes,
Dreamers of Secrets and White Treason

From theweaselking

The challenge: Find the best way to guarantee your own stylish, certain, absolute destruction in just a few more pages.

The restrictions: Must not be an abjectly or deliberately suicidal act. The character must be doing this thinking it's going to succeed and *not* expecting his death, even if the reader is.

My entry: In the Tom Clancy novel "Rainbow Six", uttering the phrase: "This is Patrick Casey. We have seized the Hereford Community Hospital. We are currently holding as hostages Dr Chavez and Nurse Clark, plus numerous others."

(And yes, those would be Nurse Sandy Clark, wife of John Clark, and Doctor Patricia Chavez, daughter of John Clark and wife of Domingo Chavez, for those of you with your Clancy Scorecards playing from home. For those of you without said scorecards, imagine that the IRA have just kidnapped the families of Michael Corleone and James Bond.)


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